About us

UTISA, the University of Tokyo Indian Students' Association, was founded on January 23rd, 2010. UTISA at the University of Tokyo serves as a platform for Indian students to come together, share their experiences and build a sense of camaraderie. The organization helps Indian students to feel more connected to their home country while they are studying abroad. UTISA also helps to promote Indian culture and heritage on the University of Tokyo campus through various events and activities.

The organization also serves as a source of information and support for Indian students, helping them to navigate the various challenges that come with studying in a foreign country. UTISA can provide information on everything from academic resources to housing and can connect students with other Indian students who have gone through similar experiences.

In addition to helping Indian students, UTISA also plays an important role in fostering cultural exchange between Indian students and students from other countries. By organizing events and activities that promote Indian culture and heritage, UTISA helps to raise awareness of India and its rich history and traditions among the wider student community.

UTISA remains a valuable resource for Indian students studying at the University of Tokyo, providing support, information, and a sense of community in a foreign environment.

Incoming students are welcome to join existing TODAI students and get all questions answered.

Meet the team (2023-2024)


Vaishnavi Thakur

Vice President 

Megha Sharma

General Secretary


Event Head