May 2023: May Fest

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March 2023: Graduation Party

UTISA organized a graduation lunch party for the batch of March'23, where students were able to connect with fellow graduates, and reflect on the academic journey at the University. It was a joyous occasion that brought students together while enjoying the Sakura. 

March 2023: Holi

The Holi celebration in Yoyogi Park was a colorful and vibrant event that featured a procession of participants dancing to Bollywood songs. The event involved people throwing colors at each other, singing and dancing to music, and enjoying delicious food and drinks. The event provided a unique opportunity for people to come together, make new friends, and celebrate the rich culture and traditions of India. 

10 December 2022: Interaction with the TATA chairman

The University of Tokyo, hosted Mr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, and Rajesh Gopinathan, the current CEO and Managing Director of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), for a lecture on artificial intelligence. The lecture provided an overview of the latest developments in AI and their potential impact on various industries. It was a valuable learning opportunity for students in diverse fields. 

Later on, an interactive session with the member of UTISA was organized. The event provided a unique opportunity for students to interact with global leaders and gain insights into the world of business and technology, while also drawing lessons from their personal experiences. 

November 2022: Diwali

UTISA and Tokyo Tech students came together to celebrate the festival of Diwali. The annual gathering was held on the banks of the Futatamagawa River and brought together around 50 people in celebration of this joyous occasion. The event kicked off with an icebreaker game that brought everyone together and set the tone for a fun and festive evening. The celebration continued with a puja and aarthi, followed by the distribution of prasad, a traditional Indian sweet that symbolizes blessings and good fortune. One of the most exciting parts of the celebration was the burning of crackers, which added a festive element to the evening. The colorful fireworks lit up the night sky and brought a sense of joy and celebration to everyone present.

After the celebration in the park, the group moved to a nearby restaurant where they enjoyed delicious food and drinks while watching a cricket match. It was a perfect end to the evening, with everyone bonding over their shared love for the sport and enjoying the company of friends and fellow students.

September 2022: Graduation Party

To celebrate the momentous occasion, UTISA organized a Graduation Lunch for the September 2022 batch. The event provided an opportunity for graduates to come together and celebrate their accomplishments while reflecting on their academic journeys. Once again, UTISA congratulates everyone on this incredible achievement. We hope that you will stay connected with UTISA even after graduation. 

15 August 2022: Independence Day celebrations

On the occassion of Independence Day, UTISA organized a competition called "My Tiranga". The competition invited participants to showcase their creativity by posting innovative photos, artwork, or creations depicting the Indian flag. We were thrilled to see the incredible talent and creativity displayed by the participants, and we applaud their efforts. As a part of the Independence Day celebrations, UTISA organized a small gathering on August 15th, where a few students came together to celebrate the occasion. The event featured the Indian flag and a sense of patriotism that took everyone back to their childhood days of hoisting the flag in schools.

05 June 2022: Welcome Party

On June 5th, 2022 Welcome party for the students was held. The event was attended by around  30 students. Post-lunch the entire team went to Hibiya park where the handover event was held. The responsibilities of UTISA were transferred from UTISA 2021-22 team to UTISA 2022-23 team. 

23 May 2022: Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi's visit to Japan 

On 23 May 2022,  Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, visited Japan for the Quad Summit, alongside the United States and Australia leaders. There was also a one-hour-long interactive session with the Indian Diaspora in Japan organized by the Embassy of India, Japan. And in his speech, Modi Ji appreciated the Indian Community for their contributions in various fields and for remaining connected to the roots. 

20 March 2022: Holi celebration by Indian Student Association of University of Tokyo

Indian students from the University of Tokyo gathered together in Yoyogi Park on March 20, 2022, to celebrate the festival of colors, Holi. Students from the Tokyo Institute of Technology added more fun and energy to the event with their presence.

The day was filled with vibrant colors, dances, and games taking us back to childhood days. There were moments when we pinched ourselves to realize if we are in Japan or India. Thanking everyone for joining us and being a part of this memorable day, we look forward to another event on another day.

19 March 2022: Graduation Celebration by the Indian Student Association of the University of Tokyo for the batch of April 22

Congratulating the April 2022 graduates, UTISA organized a dinner party at the Aangan restaurant on 19 March 2022. Some of the graduates of the September 2021 batch also joined this offline celebration. With the entry of new students into the University, this celebration also gave them a chance to interact with the senior students and learn about their experiences in Japan.